About us

Balades montréalaises (Montréal greeters) is a community website whose mission is to promote non-partisan sharing between locals who love their city and open minded visitors! Our goal is exclusively humanistic and this service is free and offered by our dynamic team of citizen-volunteers. Feedback, gratitude and smiles are of course suggested and welcome, but no financial contribution of any kind will be accepted by the Greeter for himself, only in the name of the Montréal Greeters Association.

The greeters will provide you a unique travel experience. Unlike a tour planned with a travel guide book, your discovery of Montreal will be spontaneous, lively and rewarding, through a sincere exchange with a Montrealer. You will have the chance to establish a much more authentic connection with the city by walking, strolling and chatting with your greeter who will take you to the places that inspire him or her.

Your visit to Montreal, like the city itself, will be diverse and multi-layered, whether artistic, historical, architectural, bohemian, culinary, etc. You will learn more about Montréal’s atmospheres, tunes and certain areas of interest, while participating in an intercultural, friendly exchange. Your greeter will be able to give you advice, recommendations and while sharing their passions, they will also be interested in yours.